• “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

    – Jimmy Dean

Education Reconstructed....

Education is the process of learning and understanding application of one’s learning in life and using it to better one’s life and that of others around us. Education happens when learning is natural and inspiring. Ekayana provides that inspiration to every learner and thus empowers the child to become a thinker, a leader and a creator of a better tomorrow for the world around.
Ekayana facilitates learning that is futuristic, multidimensional and empowering.


The Ekayana After School Programme focuses on engaging children in activities that further develop their areas of interest. Facilitating them to come together as groups and work towards a project or an area of learning and form huddles or clubs to create meaningful work is the main objective of the programme. The programme caters to children in the age group of 3 to 13 years and provides an interdisciplinary and scientific approach to learning. Through interactive sessions and support from a mentor, learners engage in developing activities in the huddle. This enables learners to not only build skills in team work and collaboration but also helps them to take ownership and responsibility for their club which represents their entity. The learners go through workshops/sessions to build their skills in this direction and progress gradually towards creating the huddles. The programme follows a well laid out seamless map for each learner that is continuously assessed and reviewed.


Children go for various classes and activity sessions. These sessions are either extended programmes that are just another version of tuitions or focus on art, reading, science activities and experiments, robotics or projects in compartments. Learning can never be natural when concepts are presented in compartments, where every subject is treated as a separate branch independent of the other. Learning of every subject has to be seamlessly interwoven. When we talk of interdisciplinary it does not mean that we just take children for a nature walk or observation and ask them to draw what they saw. It is much beyond that – a reading class related to language being done after associating it with the science of words, the mathematical combinations that bring in the figures of speech and rhymes to create something as artistic as poetry and illustrations could be an example of an interdisciplinary approach. Ekayana through her Term-Based Programmes provides children such approaches to learning.


Ekayana facilitates learning through varied means. Children learn and retain the learning better when their muscular memory is involved. Ekayana has designed an array of materials and activities to provide enough opportunities to learn core concepts. These handiworks are not manipulatives but have a clear purpose and enable understanding of many concepts that are hard to visualise and experience. Repetition has often been perceived as “boring”. Ekayana through Handiworks moves away from this clichéd approach and has designed tools that make repetition proactive and natural. Children would be working hands on with these creations to get the concrete approach to learning any concept or idea.


En-Reach is an assessment platform that helps in finding the gaps in learning by creating an ecosystem that is adaptive to the learning needs of each child. A personalized level-based curriculum created by the team is progressively reviewed, redesigned and adapted to the individual needs of learners through real-time implementation feedback. The platform follows each student’s learning process and identifies the obstacles through multiple-level diagnostics thereby enabling the tutor with consistent and effective real-time assessment to continuously improve the content and effectiveness of the learning. An integrated assessment platform developed based on research and scientific information enables the tutor with the required tools to suggest the map towards further steps and interventions that will lead to a positive impact in learning for the child.

The basis of Ekayana is learning through a multidimensional approach, concepts that are inter-linked and woven together as a whole

It is coming to a point through an array and finding the varied positions of this point through different means. Every learner adopts his/her own unique pattern of learning and is guided and supported through research and application towards creation. Learning manifests in different forms and the assessment tools at Ekayana enable the objective understanding of each child’s level and aptitude. Learning translates into a complete form or product through engagement of core skills, ability to generalize and apply appropriately, a disciplined process with continuous refinement. So, how do we support and use resources to assist the natural human tendency to seek, find and learn?


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