Term Based

Term-Based Programme

“The real hallmark of learning is transferring what you’ve learned into new contexts.”
– Eric Mazur

The term-based programme is based on a curriculum that encompasses topics that are usually considered to be for learners in the high school or graduation levels.


A good thought and idea about many of such topics will clearly show that they are indeed simple and can be offered to any age group at that level. The term-based programme forms part of the after school programme and also as a stand-alone programme for children who want to come only for that much time after going back home from school and resting. The term-based programme focuses on applying one’s learning in varied contexts and finding interesting links to real life situations. Children understand interrelationships and gain the ability to generalise rather than learn within contexts which in turn develops critical thinking. They set goals, timeline, and have individual and group assessments of their own work. They learn to analyse and understand external feedback and reason out the authenticity based on their own assessment and feedback of their work. While they become extremely adaptive to feedback and criticism, they also learn to look at it in a constructive way. The term-based programme compliments what children learn at school in making it more conceptual and application based. In the term-based programme there is no specific focus on home assignments or preparation for school work. It is completely based on children’s interest and drives them to do research and find out more about things that have fascinated them. The term-based programme enables the learner to confidently work in challenging situations.

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