Team Member

Smitha Pai

Facilitator – Term-Based Programme

Smitha Pai has worked on many projects where a particular concept is treated as an entity and not separately as different subjects. She believes in making and doing with hands to be able to apply and understand a concept further. While most of us go about shopping in stores for organic and eco-friendly products, she believes in making them on her own at her home lab as she feels that is the only way one can become more sensitive and respect our resources, thus truly participating in conservation.

A passionate gardener, she experiments with growing rare varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs in her organic home garden. She uses her knowledge in biotechnology to study chemicals that have become part of our daily lives in many ways. She then tries to get natural ingredients to substitute these chemicals in products. She studies the components of medicines to get an understanding of why that composition works to treat that particular ailment. Her work in a cancer research institute helped her understand the processes used for various kinds of treatment. Smitha has a passion for reading and loves to be amidst books which took her to work at a bookstore that is involved in reviving classics and interesting books that might not be readily available. A lover of animals, she did a course in physiotherapy only to be able to attend to her own dog. She is actively involved in rescuing animals in distress and finding homes for them. She has mentored many children on their projects on recycling, science and hand modelling. Her energy and passion helps children connect with her instantly. She is also active in sports and participates in tournaments frequently. A self-taught artist, her work with glass and waste materials is a creation and this interest she would like to share with children who she believes are ready for challenges, experimenting and innovating. Smitha earned her bachelor’s in engineering specializing in Biotechnology.