Team Member

Praveen Narayan

Facilitator – Music ‘n’ Rhythm

Praveen is a percussionist whose fingers have created rhythm with instruments like dholak, khol, cajon, djembe, apart from the mrudangam and tabla. Trained under Sri Muthu Kumar and having been part of many concerts and bands, Praveen enjoys working with passionate adults and children in the field of music.

He enjoys rhythm and that clearly comes out as passion to spread the art form. A Bachelor’s in Economics pursuing a MBA in Finance, Praveen is associated with Rhythmshala, which as the name suggests is an institute that teaches percussion instruments. Inspired by great artists, his Guru and music, he himself is an inspiration to many youngsters of today. With a charming personality, always wearing a smile and with magic in his fingers, Praveen arouses interest in music and rhythm among children and adults.