Team Member

Anita Sajith

Facilitator – After School Programme

Anita Sajith has been involved in working with social and environmental issues. She is highly active in spreading awareness about conservation of natural resources. She has worked with children on these areas and has been able to reach out to children and helping them understand the importance of their surroundings and gradually build their responsibilities towards the world around them.

A lawyer by profession who has graduated in English Literature, Anita is a voracious reader and her love for books is infectious. She attempts to develop the habit of reading amongst children who are glued to gadgets and have little exposure to reading. She creates her own stories about environment conservation and thus draws children’s interest to these topics. While she believes in letting children to be their natural selves and learn in a very spontaneous way, she also helps them gradually develop inner discipline. Her work with children has always been close to nature and bringing in love for learning. She has been involved in counseling teenagers, worked against child labour and domestic violence. She works on nutrition for children where she comes up with recipes to promote healthy eating amongst children. Anita believes in learning by doing and working with children most naturally.