We cannot deny the fact that the best way to learn is to work with hands, experience and then go to abstraction.


Unfortunately, schools depend a lot on text books, videos, lectures and have not done enough work in the area of learning by doing – activity based as well as using materials to teach and reiterate concepts. Research clearly shows that children seldom show interest in reading or working with the same text book again and again – they show a lot of resistance to repeating exercises or practising concepts. Practice makes perfect and we all know how repetition is also an important and essential part of learning. Ekayana recognises the fact that some of the hard to understand core concepts can be so effectively presented through materials and activities. A strong foundation is crucial to the manifestation of learning in later years. What one learns during childhood and as a young adult manifests during adulthood when one faces challenges, problems and real life situations. Education prepares one for tackling these. No amount of lecturing or writing tests will help develop these life skills. One has to experience to learn and the Ekayana Handiworks inspires the child to work, to repeat and practise thus giving opportunities to master core concepts in an interesting and sustainable way.

The product creations by Ekayana help children not only learn conceptually by working with the materials hands-on, but also help them do repetitive exercises at different levels giving them a bit of challenge that extends with each level. Children like to work with materials and feel they are in charge of their learning since the materials provide a control of error and once the presentation is given, the facilitator moves aside and allows the child to now build upon his learning through consistent practice, bringing in precision and better understanding. The activities and materials created are indigenous, original and have been designed, prototyped, validated, reconstructed and revised based on observation and findings. Experts who have been educators and have dealt with children of various age groups have worked with young designers who are very current with topics and innovation. They have had the energy and perseverance to create the Handiworks at Ekayana keeping in mind safety guidelines, eco-friendliness and aesthetics.

How to use the products of Ekayana Handiworks:

  • The chosen product gets delivered to your address. Click on Shop to get a list of all our product catalogues by choosing the age group that your child belongs to. If you have trouble in accessing the list please drop a mail to info@ekayana.co.in asking for the product catalogue
  • All materials needed for the learning activities are put together in the box
  • The child uses the materials provided to build / experiment on a core concept – language, math, science, art and craft. In doing so the child learns and explores a concept with minimal parental intervention leading to self discovery
  • The activities help probe the child’s curious mind and learning becomes self-motivated and natural
  • The support literature that comes with the product gives ideas and tips on how to use the product in different ways and not just to address one concept

Highlights of Ekayana Handiworks Products:

  • The products are totally safe and mostly have in built control of error thus requiring least intervention from an adult
  • Most products have a cultural aspect added to them, this helps the child identify with different cultures and traditions of the world which in turn becomes part of studies related to social sciences
  • The products have been designed to help children work individually, in pairs and in groups. This helps the child not only to work on his own but also with others
  • Some products have been designed to encourage parent child interaction and family time
  • The product literature not only gives directions for use of material but also about the product  and the concept, to help the users gain an understanding of what the product is all  about

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