En-Reach is a learning platform that leverages technology and data science to follow a progressive and personalised course for each learner.


Beginning with familiarising the child to a tiered and conceptual content, the learner goes through a comprehensive assessment that determines the gaps in learning. The content is specific and need based and is followed by a rigorous assessment for learning to get a regular and effective feedback. This not only helps the learner but also the tutor who would be able to review and redesign the content based on the emerging needs of the learner. Required scaffolding along with a continuous assessment process helps to map the progress in learning.

En-Reach follows a well structured yet dynamic approach in helping learners not only better understand concepts but apply them effectively.

Baseline Derivation

Added to feedback from schools and parents, En-Reach has a unique method of determining the baseline of each child. The two parts of this process involves providing content and then assessing the learning. This content is based on milestones and what is required to be learnt as per set parameters. Content provided to learners is:

  • Curated
  • Contextual
  • Tiered
Individualised and Community based Platform

En-Reach recognises the importance of not only a tutor to tutee learning but also peer to peer learning. Often times, children learn better from their own peers and seniors in school. But there are hardly such opportunities or facilitation of such interactions available. En-Reach as a platform provides this seamless interface with the following features:

  • 1-on-1 facilitation with the tutor
  • In share – sharing of resources within the community of learners
  • Link learners and tutors to share and discuss as a forum
  • Brings together resources from various tutors

At En-Reach assessment plays an important role in guiding the tutor to improve his or her method of teaching and the content provided to suit the needs of the child. While the objective is to map the progress of the child, it does not just end there. The learner is provided guidance based on the findings of each assessment and this is continuous and done in small capsules rather than over a period. A good blend of formative and summative assessment and providing scaffolding based on these is what makes the assessment become a catalyst rather than a result oriented process.

The assessment module of En-Reach features:

  • Assessment of learning (Baseline Derivation Phase) and for learning (Assessment Reboot Phase)
  • Assessment based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Follows Rubrics
  • Designed at different levels
  • Strategies are designed based on combinations of research and improvisation
  • Specific and organised

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