After School

After School Programme

The After School Programme is an initiative to help children spend their time after school hours to research on topics of interest and building on what they find and learn. 


Most often, children are unable to pursue their interests during school hours and this includes art, reading, model making, origami, experiments, writing and so on. In the After School Programme children participate in workshops that are designed based on topics of interest and also what children need. Based on what they enjoy doing and have an aptitude for, children will develop hobby huddles to work together in particular areas and develop their skill and create products and pieces. The readers’ huddle is an open library that helps children read a variety of books and also learn to choose appropriate books. Engaging in physical activities that challenge their bodies in a fun filled yet enriching way and being in proximity to nature with activities like gardening and making natural fertilisers and pesticides, gives children an exposure not just to be aware of living a natural life but enabling them to prepare their surroundings appropriately. A complete hands on and research based experience to different topics and presenting their learning in ways they find interesting and appropriate help them learn through rich experiences. The session is wound up with a discussion and writing a reflective journal. This reflection helps them understand themselves and their learning better in relation to what they do and also prepare them to set their own levels of excellence apart from recording the activities they engaged in during the session.

The interaction they get with different facilitators belonging to different walks of life provides them opportunities to develop a good working style and also interpersonal skills. The hobby huddles is their creation and interpretation of what they enjoy doing and want to do more research in. The facilitators guide them and support their curiosity by helping them become current and introducing them to the various spectra of work available within the chosen area of learning. Creating a literary huddle or a wildlife huddle or a mechanics huddle and inviting general public to present pieces and research work truly gives learners a sense of ownership and development.

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